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Welcome to.....

The Centre To Really Live


            What if you are an infinfite being here to live a phenomenal life? What if all unhappiness, struggle, anger, resentment, sadness can dissolve away and life starts to flow easily and effortlessly again with happiness, joy, optimism, hope and synchronicity? 

             What if the five important elements of being include honour, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude? This starts with You. You can have this by honouring the present moment, releasing the past, embracing your spiritual essence and your greatest inner being.....To Really Live the life you are here to live. 

            What if Life is waiting for you to be living? What if living in allowance creates a greater life of joy? What else is possible? 
How much better can it get? Just ask!

            May we bring you consciousness, purpose, allowance, clarity, self realization, self empowerment, balance and centeredness through body, mind, spirit and soul work here at.....The Center To Really Live!

 Life is like a tree...rooted in the earth,
Blossoming and dying off throughout the seasons,
Representing life and death...
Forever continuing to change.
By: Angela MacDonald


To Really Live...
Live for Today!


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The Law of Allowing
Empowerment Program

8 week Program

What the Bleep is an Archetype?
 Know Your Archetypes...Know Your Soul 

2 Weekend Intensives
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Quiet the Mind and Awaken the Soul
Basics of Meditation

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2012 Mediterranean Cruise 

Intuitive Reading

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insight, guidance and personal empowerment. 

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The Sacred Pathways to Your Soul...
...A Drumming Journey

Weekend Intensive Retreat


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Previous Cruises - Photos and Testimonials

Check out our 2009 Alaskan Cruise!!!


Sacred Spirit Within Cruise Photos

2008 Love, Magic and Miracles Cruise!!! Photos and Testimonials

2008 Love, Magic and Miracles Cruise
Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship

A Special Valentine's and
Full Moon Light Cruise with
Love, Magic and Miracles!

February 11 to 19, 2008 Southern Caribbean Cruise

Soul Ful-Filling Cruise at Sea Jan. 2007


Do you enjoy being inspired by other women's success stories?
Well "Expert Women Who Speak...Speak Out" will give you just that. It's a book of life and success strategies by women, for women. 

           Expert Women who speak provides women with information and strategies that meet th challenges of their lives. Thirteen chapter co-authors and four 'gem of inspiration' contributors - all women who are experts in their respective fields - come together to bring you their collective wisdom. And, like you, they are women with busy lives, so the suggestions and solutions they provide fit with today's realities of life in the workplace and at home. Their tips and tools will help you excel, make your dreams real, and assist you in incovering hidden talents and inner resources. 

You will discover how to: 
* Powerfully live a more passionate life
* Create a firm inner foundation based on your core values
* Enable a financially empowered "best life journey"
* Accept your body image and celebrate the uniqueness of you
* Develop marketing materials that help you soar
* Make spirited choices that always prevail
* Conceive, believe and achieve your dreams and goals
* Discover an original 'brand you' to stand out in the crowd
* Master the "Sprite Train" tool for more successful communication
* Choose wisely and soundly when making publicity decisions
* Believe in your own excellence and potential
* Create a life that has real meaning and value for you
* Permit yourself to "have it all!"

"Speak Out!"
By Angela MacDonald
(and co-authors)

Order your copy today!
$23.95 + $5.00 shipping + hst

Contact To Really Live via phone or email.


 Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Do this course for FREE!!!

           If you want to change your life financially, go do this weekend! You will walk away completely transformed and with an abundant amount of information, insight and steps to become a millionaire and work less along with much more! And if you are already a millionaire, go do this weekend because you too will learn more and be transformed and even learn how to become a billionaire! I highly recommend this weekend!

Angela MacDonald
Psychotherapist - RIHR
Empowerment Life Coach
Spiritual Director

"Give Me Five Minutes and I Can Predict Your Financial Future for the Rest of Your Life. Even Better, I'll Show You How to Turn it Around Overnight!"
T. Harv Eker - "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Or check out our Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Link or  News   page for more information.

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This site is continuously being updated, please check back regularily for new information. 

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